People who are highly engaged collaborators of your organization. They push the boundaries of creativity and have a passion for seeing things differently to accomplish better results. They are agile, creative, and spark a culture of innovation.

Who we are?

All great ideas, throughout human history, were generated from the creative talents of people. Even with   the creation of new technologies, it is still human capital that delivers the most value to organizations. In fact, a recent report onembedded creativity from McKinsey & Co. indicates that companies with creativity and innovation hardwired into everyday practice deliver higher returns, faster organic growth, and the highest net enterprise value. So now, more than ever, we need more creativity in our organizations to navigate the future of work and solve for the most promising growth opportunities.

Our passion is to change how peopleleverage creativity in their work and personal lives. Ignitor is an agency that sparks the creative power of peopleand increases innovation and engagement in your organization.  We help teams hardwire creativity, agility,and innovation into daily practice. We also help companies solve sticky growth challenges and build strategies to decentralize the responsibility of innovation to all employees. Our passion is seeing people realizetheir full creative potential.  Ourambition is to systematically hardwire and improve creativity in everyorganization, team, and employee that we have the privilege to work with.




Mission of our agency